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Individuals and Families

Regardless of whether retirement is in your immediate future, or you are currently in need of a college savings plan for your first born, our full-service wealth management firm can educate and help you plan for the future. Face tomorrow with confidence, integrity, and confidence knowing that you have accounted for the unexpected side of life. The IFS Group can assist you and your family in all areas of personal finance. These areas include:

Insurance & Annuity Products

Retirement Planning

Estate Conservation

Tax Management


Fee-Based Portfolios

College Savings Plans


As a business owner, you have a lot on your shoulders. Running a successful business is time consuming, to say the least. The last thing you need is another responsibility added to your already-full plate. The IFS Group specializes in assisting small and mid-size businesses in areas of financial planning that are critical to their long-term success. Providing financial management solutions you know you can count on, our firm will instill the confidence your hard work deserves and move the burden from your shoulders, to ours.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Small Business Retirement Plans

Education Seminars

401(k) Implementation

Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax Management

Specialization at all levels, The IFS Group has the professional experience and knowledge to help manage, grow, and secure your future financial success.


Another key service we offer is our WealthFocus portal. Get a complete picture of your financial state in one secure place. WealthFocus is a single-access financial planning and wealth management platform that gives you access to asset management tools and real-time values.

As you know the planning process for financial success is not a static, once-and-done item to cross off your to do list. Your plans and goals change, as do your assets. WealthFocus helps build a clear picture of where you stand now, offers solutions on how to get where you want to go, and monitors what happens in the meantime.

With access to WealthFocus, you can manage the present while planning for the future.

WealthFocus offers users access to:

  • Secure storage for pictures, videos, and documents
  • Alerts
  • Document sharing
  • Mobile access
  • Advisor contact information


WealthFocus's advanced security measures protect your data from threats.


Download the WealthFocus app to access your financial information from anywhere. To learn more about WealthFocus, contact your advisor today.