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Our Process

Client Centered

Holistic, transparent, and collaborative.

Utilizing a team-based approach, The IFS Group is adept at isolating ways that strive to reduce taxes, manage spending, and build a long-term strategy that will help you pursue your goals. Regardless of what your individual financial needs happen to be, our skilled team of advisors can help.

Initial Meeting: The main objective of our process is to get to know you personally, as well as financially. We welcome this initial discovery phase as a way to better understand who you are as a person, and what you hope to accomplish in your future.

Planning Phase: During the planning phase, your IFS advisor will ask questions regarding your current financial picture, and the future you envision for yourself or your business. Complete understanding of where you are now, helps us better plan for where you want to be in the coming months, years, and decades. Using our effective team-based approach, your advisor will then work with other members of The IFS Group to strategize a plan that will help you work towards your goals.

Implementation Phase: Once your custom plan is approved, it will be implemented by The IFS Group team.

Monitoring Phase: Every financial strategy requires attentive monitoring and consistent review. As markets change and personal situations arise, our team will keep a watchful eye over your plan to ensure it is continuing to work towards your goals. As an integral part of your financial strategy, you will have complete access to your plan and its performance via online tools and state-of-the-art software.