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Low-Cost Investment Management

Low-Cost Investment Management

When it comes to a full-service advisory relationship, not everyone is looking for a "full-service" type of firm. The IFS Group is proud to offer our WealthFocus+ program which provides options in investment management models centered on your personal goals like retirement or general investing.

The IFS WealthFocus+ program includes our Guided Wealth Portfolio (GWP) management models coupled with our online Wealth Focus aggregation portal. These two platforms combined makes a robust financial planning tool where users can monitor the accounts we manage here at the IFS Group, as well as aggregate outside investments such as 401(k) accounts, bank savings, or other outside investments the user may have. We also include access to our online documents Vault+ where you can upload your important documents in an encrypted environment for safe storage.

This low cost strategy is great for those looking to start investing for their future with the added benefits of a managed advisory relationship dedicated to your future success.

<strong>Follow this Step by Step Process</strong>

Follow this Step by Step Process

1. Complete our initial information capture form in our secure portal so we can send you account paperwork for e-signature.

2. Complete our quick investment questionnaire to determine the portfolio that fits your needs. * A docusign link will be sent to you to complete electronically within 24 hours of completion of your initial information capture. If completed on a weekend, a link will be sent to you on the next business day.

3. Complete your account paperwork and fund your account. Use a bank account, physical check, or transfer an existing account for initial funding. Once your account is funded, it will be rebalanced to the portfolio selected via your signed Investment Policy Statement. There are no transaction costs to  buy or sell funds in your account, but keep in mind there may be tax consequences for selling investments within a taxable account.

4. Access your financial portal offered through eMoney. Begin aggregating outside accounts and organize your full financial picture within our secure client portal.

5. Monitor your portfolio ongoing through your secure eMoney portal.

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  • Individual
  • IRA
  • Minor Traditional IRA
  • Minor ROTH IRA
  • Rollover IRA
  • Joint with Rights of Survivorship
  • Tenants by the Entireties
  • Tenants in Common


Initial Investment Minimum

$5k and up per account

Advisory Fee


Included Services

GWP Portfolio Management

WealthFocus Account Aggregation

Add-On Services

Fee-based Financial planning and Insurance planning available.

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Create a login, open, and fund an investment account, TODAY! There is no cost to establish a login, but note there will be an advisory fee that will apply for investment accounts you open and fund at the IFS Group. Let us know know if we can help!

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